Safe passage

A man who walks upon the sea

By faith, cannot be drowned.

A God who raises from the dead

No army can confound.

Though Pharaoh has his thunder now

And all his vast array,

He marches out to battle

But to pass like yesterday.

For when his soldiers bend the bow

And start to raise their arm,

My spirit is in Jesus' hand,

The wounded, but unharmed.

I look ahead for heaven's door

On every winding path.

My journey's goal, to pass the gate

That leads me home at last.

Though hell itself should take me now

And thrust me from the shore,

I'll raise my sail, nor stay to wait

One evening hour more.

I start my journey even now,

The Lord has brought his heaven

And makes his home within my heart,

And keeps what I have given.

I seek to die each day to earth

And rise to live in him.

His presence is my comfort now,

His face, my comfort then.

When may I see him unobscured,

The mists of earth all past?

Yet I behold him in my heart,

And I am home at last.